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Register KTER Knowledge Brokering in VR webcast

Registration: KTER Webcast on Findings from Study of Knowledge Brokering in VR contexts

AIR's Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research (KTER) is pleased to invite you to the webcast "Knowledge Brokering in Vocational Rehabilitation Contexts." This webcast presentation provides an overview of findings from the KTER Center's intervention to train VR supervisors how to function as knowledge brokers for their staff. It summarizes information collected from the training participants, their staff, comparing that to their counterparts in the control group. The study included information gathered both in surveys with all study members, and follow-up interviews with training participants. Finally, it gives an overview of patterns KTER Center researchers observed in the RSA-911 caseload data, with particular focus on changes in services provision.

The webcast will be broadcast on February 9, 2021. Please register now and we will follow-up with you to provide you with the relevant links to log on to view the presentation.
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