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Leadership Pre-Test

Leadership Pre-Test: Conflict Management

1. You are the charge nurse on an inpatient unit. A client who was admitted with pain asks to speak to you, and reports that the nurse taking care of him has not been responding to requests for pain medication. What is the best initial action?
2. You notice an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) overstepping the boundaries of their job responsibilities. As the charge nurse how would you best resolve the situation?
3. During shift change you are giving report to your colleague who has been a nurse much longer than you. Your colleague is repeatedly interrupting and criticizing your report. What is the best response using communication techniques to diffuse the situation?
4. You are caring for a 68-year-old female client with end stage renal disease (ESRD). She states she would like to go home and no longer receive hemodialysis, but her son disagrees with her decision and wants you to continue treatment. Which ethical principle is most important for you to consider in this situation?
5. You are the charge nurse on a busy medical-surgical unit. A physician comes into your office reporting that one of the staff nurses working today didn’t execute an order she gave regarding client care. You look into it and find that it does appear that the nurse ignored the order. As the charge nurse, how would you best handle this situation?