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Advanced Health Assessment Pre-Test

Advanced Health Assessment Pre-Test: Case Study #1


Colin is a 33-year-old, relatively healthy male. He has been under a great deal of physical and emotional stress for about a year. Over the last 12 months, he has experienced the death of a parent, changes in his job that include a promotion that adds a lot of additional responsibility, and a breakup with his long-term girlfriend. There is no history of mental illness.

Provider:  What brings you in today?
Colin:  They tell me I had a panic attack. I don’t really know what happened.
Provider:  How are you feeling right now?
Colin:  OK, I guess. I am starting to be able to breathe a little better and I can’t feel my heart beating out of my chest anymore. I guess mostly right now I’m just embarrassed.

1. Which of the following is the best initial response to Colin?
2. What is the best follow-up question for you to ask?
Later, you discover that Colin has experienced these symptoms in the past:

Colin: No, this is the first time. I’ve had a lot going on recently though. I guess I’m just overwhelmed and I don’t really know how to deal with it all.
3. What specific education would be important to provide Colin? 
You follow up with Colin about his experience:
Provider:  How were you feeling before you experienced the panic attack? 
4. Which of the following actions should you take to demonstrate active listening when Colin is answering this question?