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New York Working Families Party: 2021 Judicial Candidate Questionnaire


The questions in this questionnaire reflect our belief that New Yorkers need an end to mass incarceration, racism, and socioeconomic disparity in the legal system, and that judges in New York State must take concrete action to advance these goals. We ask that you answer our questions honestly. Candidates will also have an opportunity to expand on your responses during candidate screenings; in addition candidates are asked to bring 10 copies of your resume and any campaign literature with you to your interview. 

If you are unable to complete the questionnaire in one sitting, you can pause and continue by saving at the top of the screen. vZHv-U6UsI2heZZgIGLodaeOd_hRaHKkRGfJssj5

When you click save you will be asked to put in an email address so you can be sent a link that will allow you to continue the questionnaire at your convenience. Note: if you do not save your work, you will have to start from the beginning if you close the window or browser where you are filling out the questionnaire.

While we require that you fill out the full questionnaire online, you can find a copy of the full questionnaire, including summaries on the issues and additional resources HERE.