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Bitcoin Core Research


Bitcoin Core, sponsored by MIT's Digital Currency Initiative and in partnership with Maiden Labs is running a survey to better understand the people who run nodes and use the Bitcoin Core Wallet, as well as folks familiar with Bitcoin but who maybe don’t run a node (yet).

This survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

The answers from people who are not current users will give us an idea of the biggest barriers facing people who might want to run a node but currently do not.
Data we are collecting from respondents voluntarily

🌍 Location by Country - Optional 🌍

Why? To better understand the distribution of respondents relative to Bitcoin Core node. This will be displayed in aggregate, so we can understand how much to weigh the results against global node distribution.

πŸ”— Response Source - Optional πŸ”—

We are assigning responses to channel buckets ("Responses from Twitter," "Responses from Reddit," etc).

We want to better understand the different types of Bitcoin Core users by channel. This will help control for biases per channel and ensure we have the most accurate information.