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The D&I Barometer

Remove barriers and engage the workforce of tomorrow. 

The D&I Barometer enables graduate recruiters to self-assess their approach to D&I across six key topics - Strategy, Transparency, Attracting Hard-to-Reach Talent, Supporting Candidates, Social Mobility and Conversion. 

If you have graduate recruitment responsibilities it’s essential for you to have the whole picture by seeing where you excel and identifying the areas that require consideration or improvement. 

Use your Barometer Rating to evaluate your approach and engage your colleagues and leadership team on these critical topics.

Please answer as honestly as you can by either agreeing or disagreeing with each of the statements. Select the option that most closely aligns to your opinion of the status quo within your organisation. This is strictly about you and getting an accurate overview of existing processes so that we can support you as employers in being D&I confident. 

Be assured that all individual responses are completely confidential. Your Barometer Rating and individual data will never be published or shared with anyone else. 

Thank you in advance for participating in this.