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IFA Storm Water Survey

IFA Storm Water Survey

As directed by the 2019 Indiana Storm Water Task Force, the Indiana Finance Authority (“IFA”) is conducting a survey to better understand storm water management budgeting, planning best practices, and storm water infrastructure needs. We want to hear from all communities in Indiana even if your community isn't a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, aka an “MS4”, or does not have a storm water utility. A final report that summarizes and anonymizes the findings will be prepared and posted to the IFA’s website in 2021.

The survey is best completed by someone familiar with the community’s budgeting and stormwater infrastructure and should take less than 30 minutes to complete. This survey focuses on storm water in populated areas; this survey does not address closely related agricultural, flood risk or large flood management needs. 

Please respond by January 15, 2021. Though your response to this survey is voluntary, the results may be used to influence future state-wide policies, so your participation is vital.

If you have any questions, please email Sarah Hudson at