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Pre/Post Test Opt-in: 2021

Fall 2021: Multiple Choice Pre/post-Test Opt-in Form

Please complete this form to opt-in for our pre/post-tests. The Pre/post-test assignments will be:
  • Added to your course within one business day of your request
  • Pre-test will be placed before orientation by default
  • Post-test will be placed before the last assignment by default
  • Post-test will be a prerequisite for the last assignment. This means students must complete the post-test before starting the last assignment
We recommend you:
  • Set the due date for the pre-test before the first DCE assignment
  • Set the open due for the post-test at least half-way through the course
  • Have students complete at least 75% of the Shadow Health assignment in-between the pre and post-tests
  • Have students wait at least 14 days between pre and post-test attempts to reduce any practice or carryover effects
  • Require the pre/post-test to be completed (Pass/Fail), but strongly recommend you do not use them as a scored assignment.
Only the following DCEs below will have a pre/post-test for Fall 2021:
  • Health Assessment
  • Advanced Health Assessment
  • Pharmacology
  • Mental Health
  • Gerontology
  • Leadership
  • Pediatrics
  • Maternal Health
  • Fundamentals
  • Community Health
We hope to have pre/post-tests DCEs that you will be able to opt-in for Summer or Fall 2021. Shadow Health will send out an email at a later date if you'd like to opt-in for those DCEs.
1. Do we need to add a pre/post-test to multiple courses for Fall? *This question is required.
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Paste Course PINs - Unsure where to find the PIN? Click here.Should look similar to August2019-6012-9485-7900-0467
2. Please select your Instructional Designer/trainer.
3. Please enter your information below in case we need to contact you with follow up questions. *This question is required.
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