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Vocational Student Health and Dental Opt-Out

Use this form to opt-out of the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan if you are a vocational (mostly trades) student. You will need to provide proof of your existing coverage. 
1. Contact Information *This question is required.
2. Program Information *This question is required.
eg. Electrical, Welding, Heavy Duty Mechanic, Health Care Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Cook Level 1, etc
Opt-out requests must be received within 30 days of the program start date in order to be eligible.  This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
Program Type *This question is required.
Based on the information provided you are not a vocational student and cannot complete this opt-out form. You must follow the instructions for academic (semester-based) students. 

Find out more at or contact the Services Coordinator at
3. Existing Health and Dental Plan Information *This question is required.In order to opt-out of the TRUSU Extended Health and Dental Plan, you need to provide proof of coverage with another equivalent health and dental plan.