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Goodbye traditional TV. Hello OTT.

With 180 million viewers in Southeast Asia consuming 8 billion hours of OTT content over the internet every month, viewers are driving a transformation in the TV landscape. In Asia, this shift is poised to have a profound impact for advertisers.

Kantar and The Trade Desk have launched new research into the rising adoption of OTT in Southeast Asia in: The Future of TV: A report on the state of OTT in Southeast Asia

The report covers:
  • The landscape: OTT penetration in Southeast Asia, where growth is coming from and how the pandemic has impacted adoption
  • Viewer trends in Southeast Asia: The breakdown of viewers who use ad-supported OTT platforms, tolerance towards ads, which players lead market share and the most popular content consumption channels
  • Opportunities for advertisers: How advertisers can apply data to their campaigns in ways that are simply not possible with traditional linear TV
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