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Register Your Interest - Delivering Equally Safe Fund

Delivering Equally Safe Fund application - Please register your interest

Inspiring Scotland is delighted to support Scottish Government as fund managers for Delivering Equally Safe. This fund will support third sector organisations and public bodies contribute to the objectives, priorities, and outcomes of the Equally Safe strategy. It combines a number of funding streams including Equally Safe (Violence against Women and Girls) fund and Rape Crisis Specific programmes. 

On March 24th 2021, the Scottish Government and COSLA issued a joint statement on the Delivering Equally Safe fund. The statement outlines a number of important changes to the fund which have come in with immediate effect. Please take time to read these on our website.

Our Guidance document is being updated to reflect the changes.
An additional £5million has been allocated to this fund annually taking the total funding available for the first year to £18million*.

The deadline for applications has been extended to midday on Friday 28th May 2021

Please complete the form below to register your interest in applying for the fund.  After you submitted the form, you will receive an email with a link to the online application form. 

The register your interest step is important as it will help us to gauge interest in the Fund and get in touch with details of pre-application support. It will help us significantly if you include any questions you have after you have read the fund information and guidance notes. This will allows us to develop content for a frequently asked questions document, webinars and one-to-one surgery support. 

Ongoing information on the fund and the guidance pack can be found on fund. You can also follow us @DESFund on twitter or email

*All Scottish Government funding is subject to the annual spending review and budget
1. Your details
This question requires a valid email address.
2. What type of organisation are you from?

  *This question is required.To be eligible for funding, applicants need to be either incorporated and registered with the Scottish Charity Regulator, a Community Interest Company or a Public Body. If your organisation is not one of the legal structures listed below, it is unlikely that your application will be accepted for review. 

Please indicate below what type of organisation you are:
3. Please tell us which type of funding you are interested in applying for by ticking one of the boxes below?There is an explanation provided on the definitions of core and project in the guidance notes, click here to access. Ticking, for example, core only, does not mean that you have to apply for core only when you submit your application. Responses to this question are being used to provide an indication of the type of funding requests we may receive.
4. Are you likely to be part of a single or a joint [partnership] application?  *This question is required.This  is to give us an idea of the types of applications we might receive. It is not part of the application process and we understand you might not know the answer to this yet. You will find further information on this in our Information and application guidance document pages 12 - 14. 
5. Please indicate what total level of funding you are likely to apply for across the three years of the Fund.  *This question is required.Please note: Your response to this question has no bearing on how much you eventually decide to apply for. We are asking this so that we have an indication of how much funding may be requested by organisations overall.
6. Where in Scotland do you anticipate delivering the work you may apply for?  *This question is required.Please tick all that apply. If you think you may submit multiple applications include the areas for all the potential applications. 
7. Are you interested in attending an online surgery or webinar to for further information on the fund and how to apply?
Please note: These queries will be addressed through webinars, online surgeries and FAQ's on our website. We will start our programme of information in January.