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4K for Cancer 2021 Applications

4K for Cancer 2021 Application

We're excited you're interested in taking the next step towards the adventure of a lifetime!  By filling out this application you're already part of an elite group of young adults who want to make a difference.  Please complete the below questions.  Once completed you'll be prompted to register for a small group call with our 4K staff and a few fellow 4K applicants so we can learn more about you, and you can learn more about the 4K!  If you have any questions contact  Thank you!
All riders are required to attend a mandatory 2 day orientation Friday, May 28 & Saturday May 29, 2021 in / near Baltimore, MD, and meet a $4500 fundraising minimum.  All rides will begin their 70 day journey on Sunday, May 31, 2021 departing from Baltimore's Inner Harbor and will finish on Saturday, August 7th, 2021 in San Francisco, CA.
1. Are you interested in the 4K for Cancer RIDE or RUN? *This question is required.
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21. Have you ever had your driver's license suspended or revoked? *This question is required.
22. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? *This question is required.
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26. Are you interested in applying for a 4K Leadership position?  Learn more in the leadership guide found at *This question is required.