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Peachtree Shared Space Tactical Urbanism 101 Follow-up Survey

This survey is part of the Peachtree Shared Space Tactical Urbanism 101 session. The event took place on November 17, 2020 and a recording is available on the project website. The questions asked of meeting participants are included below to get feedback from people who were not able to attend the live session. This survey will be available through November 29. 
1. Different project elements can be tested with a demonstration project. Which potential elements are most exciting to you? 

Rank each demonstration project element from "Not So Exciting" (1) to "Very Exciting!" (5).
Not too exciting
Very exciting!
Curb extensions
Mid-block crosswalk
Crosswalk art
Bike facilities
Outdoor dining
Seating areas
Drop-off zones
Dedicated transit lanes
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