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Expressing your interest to take part in the Community Leadership Academy

Open to any volunteers actively involved in delivering Big Local projects, including Big Local partnership members, the Community Leadership Academy is looking for people who want to explore their own potential and the change they can bring to their neighbourhoods, by working effectively with others.

The Community Leadership Academy is an 18-month programme which requires you commit at least 5 hours a month to a mixture of individual and group work. It starts in June 2021, finishes in October 2022. You can take part as an individual, or you can take part as a group from the same Big Local partnership.  To find out more, please click here.

If you know that you want to take part in the Academy, or are part of a group from a partnership that wants to take part together, then you can express your interest straight away. In the first instance, that just means filling in this form so that we can contact you for more information.  The closing date to express your interest is Monday 8th March 2021.

If you're not sure, or want to learn a bit more first, we’re be running some drop-in spaces where you can speak one-on-one with the team. These are taking place across various dates in February, and you can book a date that works for you, by clicking here.

You'll be asked a series of short questions so we can gather a bit of information about you.  If you are accessing this survey on a mobile device, you will need to scroll down and click the blue arrow to access the next page.
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To join the Community Leadership Academy you need to be actively volunteering in your Big Local Partnership.  Can you confirm you're a volunteer at your Big Local Partnership? *This question is required.
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A few short questions:

We'd like to know a little bit more about you, why you'd like to take part, and how you'd make the most of your time on the Academy.  Please answer the questions below, writing no more than about 200 words for each.  If you're accessing this on a mobile device, click the blue arrow in the bottom right to continue.