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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-301 Quiz 13

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. What is the first thing that happens when a collision occurs on an Ethernet network?
2. Which of the following statements are true about bridges? (Choose two)
3. During the initial setup of a switch, you accidentally typed the wrong hostname for the switch. The incorrect name was SwitchBldgC, and the correct name is SwitchBldgV. What command will undo the configuration change?
4. You are troubleshooting a router at the console. You issued the following command at the CLI:

pdx#debug arp

You see debug output, but the output scrolls past faster than you can read. What two commands allow you to view debug output one page at a time? (Choose two)
5. Device B sends a frame to Device A on the network shown. The switch has an entry in its CAM table for Device A in its database, but not for Device B. Which of the following best describes what the switch does with the message?
6. Your routers have been configured to use EIGRPv6. While troubleshooting a routing issue, you decide that you need to view a list of neighbors on each router.

Which command should you use to do this?
7. Which command is used to configure load balancing in EIGRPv6?
8. You are configuring a serial connection and need to configure the DCE to provide a clocking signal.

Given that you have leased a 128 Kbps line from the WAN service provider, which command should you use to accomplish this task?
9. Which of the following is required before you can create an SVI?
10. You need to add VoIP and IP telephony support to a router. Which feature set must be enabled to do this?
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