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The NYC Poison Control Center's community education program offers FREE presentations on Poison Prevention and Medicine Safety.

All education events are currently being held virtually. To request a training, please fill out the information below. Please request events at least two weeks in advance. Educational workshops are offered free of charge throughout the boroughs of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties. Weekdays, evening and weekend sessions available.
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Our community education programs target a variety of groups and topics.

Community Provider Training. Provides an overview of the Poison Control Center and the educational resources available to those who work at a community-based organization. 

Medicine Safety for Older Adults. Teaches about using the PCC for questions about medicines, medication management strategies and understanding prescription and nonprescription labels.

Medicine Safety for Parents/Caregivers of Young Children. Teaches dosing techniques, understanding prescription and nonprescription medicine labels, questions to ask about your child’s medicine, and medication management strategies.

Poison Prevention and Medicine Safety. Provides safety tips for storing and using cleaning products and medicines safely. Provides an overview of the NYC Poison Control Center. 

Poison Prevention for Pregnant and New Parents. Provides information about ways to prepare the home and medicine safety tips for new parents/caregivers. 
Poison Prevention in the Home.  Provides an overview of tips for preventing unintentional poisonings in the home with household cleaners, medicines, carbon monoxide poisoning, plants, and pesticides.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  Provides an understanding of CO, ways to prevent CO poisoning, and keeping your family safe from CO.

Prevent Plant Poisonings Provides information about toxic and non-toxic indoor and outdoor plants, mushrooms and gardening products. Also discusses tips for preventing plant poisonings. 

Staff Trainings are available for staff working with families, older adults and home visitors

Summer Safety Provides information about using and storing products safely such as tiki torch oil, sunscreen and pool supplies. In addition, carbon monoxide safety, bites and stings, and food safety tips are also presented. 

Winter Safety Provides information about information about products, medicine safety, plants, pets and carbon monoxide poisoning prevention during the winter months.
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