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ISD Partnership Site Application 2021

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Alt+Shift on assistive technology, augmentative and alternative communication, or mathematics for students with disabilities.

Applications are open through March 12, 2021.  After that date, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and may go to a wait list.

Interested sites should complete the following steps to apply:
  1. Review the Partnership Process information at the Alt+Shift website
  2. Review the information for the professional learning opportunity you are interested in
    1. Assistive Technology Journey
    2. Building Blocks to Autonomous Communication
    3. Foundations of Math
    4. Foundations of Math: Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities
  3. Identify at least one or two local districts or programs with whom you will work
  4. Complete this application

Following submission of the application,
  • Alt+Shift will contact you to set up an ISD leadership team meeting to review the application and schedule a follow-up meeting
  • Alt+Shift will work with the ISD to establish an ISD Implementation Team, strengthen readiness, and/or co-construct a proposed training and implementation schedule, depending on the results of the follow-up meeting
  • Alt+Shift will meet with the ISD Implementation Team to clarify expectations and commit to partnership
Please send any questions to
1. On which training are you interested in partnering?
2. Provide information for the main contact person at your ISD regarding this partnership.  This person will be responsible for:
  • Working with Alt+Shift to set up subsequent meetings
  • Communicating with necessary ISD stakeholders regarding future meetings or tasks
3. Provide the contact information for the ISD Director of Special Education.
5. Provide the contact information for the ISD Director of General Education.
5. Provide information about 1 or 2 local districts or programs with whom you would work in the first year of partnership with Alt+Shift.