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Montgomery College — Montgomery County, Maryland

Community Engagement Scholarships

Community Engagement Scholarships Fall 2021

ESOL, Microsoft Office, other Workforce Development and Continuing Education (WD&CE) courses.
This scholarship application only applies for Workforce Development and Continuing Education classes.
  • Scholarship money is awarded for tuition and fees only. You are responsible for the cost of the books.
  • You must be a resident of Montgomery County.
  • You must not have any outstanding and unaddressed financial obligations to Montgomery College. If you do, we can help you address them so that you can continue your education.
  • If you don’t submit all required documents, you will delay or cancel your application.
  • Your scholarship application will be reviewed and our Montgomery College Committee will determine if you are eligible to be awarded. If you have any questions, please email​​​​​
Before you click NEXT to continue with the application, please have the following documents ready:
  • Green card/visa (if applicable).
  • Proof of income: 2020 tax forms required. In addition to tax forms, you can also include other documentation such as Unemployment Benefits, SNAP or other.
    • Cross out social security numbers from tax forms.
    • If you are claimed as a dependent, tax form must reflect this.
    • A change in financial status from recent tax year must be documented. No personal note will be accepted as verification of financial status/income. All documents must be from an official agency.
  • Resume/list of experience related to employment, volunteer work, and other activities for the last two years.
  • Letter of recommendation from a former teacher, employer, colleague, case worker, place you volunteer or place of worship.
          You must have taken your ESL Accuplacer or ESLA, and received your results.