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2020 Final Voting

Welcome to the 2020 Audio Verse Awards Final Voting

This is it! This is the final round of voting before we announce the winners of this year's awards. Thank you for all of your patience and enthusiasm as we moved through each round. Before you start voting, please read the rules carefully:

Upon completion, you will receive a copy of your ballot via email as proof your submission was received - it may have gone to your spam, depending on how your inbox is setup.

If you have any questions or problems with the ballot, please contact the Audio Verse Awards Team at

Thank you!

- The Audio Verse Awards Team
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Have you donated to the Audio Verse Awards? *This question is required.Whether you donate or not has absolutely no bearing on the results of your vote. Anti-cheating measures, Email costs, Hosting, and all of the work to make the awards possible, as well as offer it freely to voters and productions, all adds up. We appreciate any support you can give.