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I. Your Assessment of WU: How well is WU meeting its goals and objectives?

If you do not have enough information, please leave the question blank.
(Please rate 1 – 5 below: 1 is weakest and 5 is strongest)
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Q1. WU’s programs are known for their synthesis of practical business and education programs, student-centered education, and use of technology.
Q2. WU has an effective plan to recruit and retain qualified students.
Q3. Effective measures are underway to strengthen WU’s image and relationship with the community.
Q4. WU has adopted adequate conservative budgeting toward sound, long-range financial planning.
Q5. A strategic plan is in place for WU and there is evidence that has been integrated into the operations of the university.
Q6. WU is in compliance with the most recent WSCUC (WASC) recommendations.
Q7. WU leadership is effective and responsive to its constituencies.
II. Your Assessment of the Board of Trustees: How well is the Board doing its job?
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(Please rate 1 – 5 below: 1 is weakest and 5 is strongest)
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Q1. The Board’s actions are motivated by and designed to further the university’s mission.
Q2. Trustees are knowledgeable about the institution as well as the Board’s roles, responsibilities, and performance.
Q3. The resources provided by the University to the Board are sufficient for the Board to be effective in its duties.
Q4. The Board’s size, diversity, and range of expertise are appropriate.
Q5. The Board provides appropriate oversight, neither micro-managing nor undermanaging.
Q6. The Board has an effective process for identifying and recruiting new Trustees.
Q7. The Board has an effective process for orienting and integrating new Trustees.
Q8. Board involvement is helping Trustees grow as business leaders.
Q9. Committees use time productively, accomplish their goals, and provide adequate information to the full Board.
Q10. The current Committee structure is appropriate and works well.
Q11. Staff support to Committees is adequate and appropriate.
Q12. Information provided by the administration is timely, and the Board is confident of its accuracy and reliability.
Q13. The Board has the appropriate number of meetings and allocates sufficient time to complete its work.
Q14. Meetings are characterized by open communication and collegial discussion.
Q15. Trustees have sufficient access to the administration and staff.
Q16. There is a healthy level of trust between the Board and President.
Q17. The Board has a clearly stated process for evaluating the President’s performance and all Trustees are asked to provide input to the presidential review.
Q18. The President’s compensation is competitive with that of peer institutions.
Q19. The Board Chair is exercising an appropriate level of leadership and authority.
Q20. The Board ensures legal compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
Q21. The Board provides strong financial oversight of the organization and monitors financial performance regularly.

III. Trustee Self Evaluation

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(Please rate 1 – 5 below: 1 is weakest and 5 is strongest)
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Q1. I can clearly explain the mission of the university.
Q2. I have attended the required number of board meetings, read all materials provided, and participated in all discussions.
Q3. I have actively participated in the committees I am on, with regular attendance, advance preparation, and understanding of the issues.
Q4. I have respected and maintained confidentiality of Board discussion and organizational issues at all times.
Q5. I have been a positive and supportive ambassador for WU and I encouraged others to participate in WU programs and activities.
Q6. I can articulate which of the academic programs are recognized as being strongest and which require improvement.
Q7. I am satisfied that the Committees to which I am assigned make the most effective use of my skills, talents, and abilities.
Q8. I recognize and respect the Board’s decision-making process and support its outcomes.
Q9. I have a full understanding of the university’s financial condition.
Q10. In this coming year, I expect my involvement with WU to grow.
Q12. Please list some of the WU events you have attended over the past year: *This question is required.