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Partner feedback November 2020

1. We strive to offer legendary service. How would you rate the following service elements provided by the Travel Innovation Group in 2020? *This question is required.5 - exceeds your expectations
1 - lower that you'd expect
Space Cell 54321
Refund handling (including: timing of refund processing, publication of refund schedule)
Booking system enhancements (such as: disruption cancel button, revised TTL deadline reminders)
Information sources (such as: airline policy email, COVID information hubs, bulletins from Managing Director Michael Edwards)
Initiatives (such as: COVID-PCR testing discount and commission opportunities, booking incentives)
Communication (such as: channels to contact us via, the speed of our response and the accuracy of handling your enquiry)
This could be about products, services, communications, functionality in our booking systems - challenge us!

5. Thanks for your thoughts! Leaving your details is helpful in the event that we want to find out more: