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Doing Nothing Does Harm Website Survey


Thank you for agreeing to participate in this short survey about your experience with the Doing Nothing Does Harm website. It is estimated to take around 10 minutes to complete. 

Purpose of the survey
This survey is being conducted by a federal government-funded organisation called Our Watch. Its purpose is to gain feedback on the Doing Nothing Does Harm website, to ensure it is as helpful as possible for all its visitors.  

At the end of this survey you will be invited to provide your email address to be sent a very brief follow-up survey in three to six months’ time.

About your privacy
Your responses to this survey are anonymous and strictly confidential. Only group and de-identified results will be reported on.

All data and information collected from the survey will be stored appropriately and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. Please go to Our Watch Privacy and legal statements for more information. 

Your participation is voluntary
Some questions ask about your experience of disrespect to women and may be experienced as sensitive, depending on your own life experiences.
If you are uncomfortable answering any of the questions, please select “Prefer not to say”. You can opt out of the survey at any time by exiting the survey, with no disadvantage to you. Incomplete responses will not be included in the research findings and will be removed from the final dataset.  
By completing this survey, we interpret this as your consent to participate in this research. 
Questions that require a response are indicated with a red asterix*. If you miss a required question, the survey will prompt you. Once you answer a question, you will not be able to go back and change your answer.  

At the end of this survey, an email address is provided for you to seek further information about the research and its findings, or to provide further feedback or make a complaint to Our Watch. You are also able to complete the 'Contact us' form on the Our Watch website.
Support available

If you feel you, a child or another person, are in any kind of immediate danger please call 000.  

If you experience any discomfort or distress relating to any of the questions OR 
If you or someone you know might need counselling or support regarding any kind of abuse, sexual assault, domestic or family violence
  • Please call: 1800 RESPECT (Ph: 1800 737 732), or visit their website where you can chat online: 1800 RESPECT

If you're concerned about your own behaviour and would like support or information,
  • Please call MensLine (Ph: 1300 789 978) (24 hours), or visit their website where you can chat online: MensLine

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Thank you for your interest in our survey, but we need to limit our study to people aged 18 years or over at this time.
2. Which Australian state or territory do you live in?

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