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Castle Pines Community Choices

The City of Castle Pines is updating their Comprehensive Plan.

We've already heard from the community about the strong values to maintain in the vision for the next 20 years. 
Now it's time to dig into some choices and define what our priorities should be for the short and long term.

Take a few minutes to help us define the strategies and policy direction we need to update in the Plan. 
Let's get started!
1. Rank the level of priority for each of the following strategies in the existing Comprehensive Plan that have not yet been implemented:
Space Cell Low PriorityMedium PriorityHigh Priority
Provide pedestrian-oriented landscape and streetscape improvements including benches, trash receptacles, banners, lighting, wider sidewalks, or striped crosswalks.
Build a pedestrian and bicycle overpass/underpass across I-25 to safely connect the City.
Join the Regional Transportation District (RTD ).
Develop streetscape standards along all major arterials.
Initiate a feasibility study to examine type, location, community benefit, and cost of a new outdoor civic space.
Initiate a feasibility study to assess appropriate locations, cost, and partnerships for local community gardens.