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Notes/Medical Notes for Accommodation Requests

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NOTE - This system is for medical or personal notes when employees are requesting an "accommodation" in the workplace.  This is NOT for a note from the doctor to explain a brief illness.

In order to evaluate the needs of employees and make reasonable accommodations for employees who are unable to return to in-person work, the District will need to know if you have a disability or medical condition or other family health needs (e.g. caring for a sick family member or one who is at high risk of Covid-19 infection) that may impact your ability to return to in-person work.  

The District will not need specific details about your disability or medical condition, however, if you are restricted from returning to in-person work, or, if you or your family member are in an at-high risk group for Covid-19 due to your age or other underlying conditions, the District will need to review this information in a note from a medical provider.

The District will work closely with our bargaining units to determine how we make decisions regarding remote work and assignments.

If you have or will have a note from your doctor, please use this (survey form system) to upload your medical note from your doctor to ensure that HR can give you priority for remote work (to the extent that remote work is available).

As needed, HR and the Risk Management Department may also require you to participate in a brief interactive process meeting/s to discuss work restrictions and potential accommodations.

Thank you,

Dr. John Rubio
Chief of Human Resources