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State of Community Management 2021

Welcome to the 2021 State of Community Management

The Community Roundtable's research provides critical data to community leaders - but it is not your standard online quiz - it does require some time. Your contribution ensures we can deliver industry-wide insight that improves the performance and value of community investments. Thank you for your contribution.

In return, we will give you a cup of coffee or donation as a thank you,  your Community Maturity Score based on the Community Maturity Model, share a PDF of your submission and early access to the report.


  • Completing the survey will take about 20 minutes if data is readily available
  • We recommend scheduling a calendar block to ensure you have time to focus
  • Take a break if you need to - we can send you a link to finish it (please email )
  • Know that many answers will require an estimate, your best guess is ok!
  • Your individual survey data will not be shared, and we ensure data segments can't be disaggregated
  • We never, ever sell your contact info or other data, which you can review in The Community Roundtable's privacy policy.  

Before you start, collect or estimate the following:

  1. Last month's engagement rates 
  2. Average monthly answers 
  3. Average monthly searches 
  4. Percent of searches that result in a click-through
  5. Monthly community budget 

If you have any questions, please contact

Let's GO!

Rachel Happe
Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder
The Community Roundtable
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