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This survey was constructed to gather information from our customers on how the TIDE system is used. We appreciate your time and feedback as we work hard to ensure you have a positive experience with the various ClearSight systems. 
1. What reports in the Administration portion of TIDE have you used? (Select all that apply.)
5. Have you ever used an upload template to upload users, students, test settings, and/or other information into ClearSight?
6. How do you rate the usability of upload templates?
very difficult to work withsomewhat difficult to work withneutral or not applicablesomewhat easy to work withvery easy to work with
6. Have you ever entered or edited a single user, student, student's test settings or roster, in TIDE? 
9. What role are you most commonly acting in when you use ClearSight ?
10. Which adjective best describes your district/school?
11. What number of students are served by your district/school?
12. After analyzing the results of this survey, we will be hosting a discussion group. Would you be willing to participate in a discussion group?
13. Would you like to receive a ClearSight water bottle as a thank-you for your participation?