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Collegiate Recovery Census Project 2020-2021

About the SAFE Campuses Census Project

The SAFE Campuses Collegiate Recovery Census Project is a data gathering project being undertaken to explore the rich spectrum of support resources available for students in recovery at institutions of higher education. Activities aim to directly support the collection and dissemination of programmatic and information data in order to directly assist groups and organizations interested in creating recovery supportive campuses at institutions across the U.S.

Who will benefit from this project?
Professionals working to support substance use disorder and mental health (SUD/MH) recovery, as well as educators and students themselves, are invited to complete the baseline census survey. The survey has been designed to gather data specific to recovery support services and resources that may be available for students and their families at institutions of higher education across the U.S.

How long will it take to complete the census?
This baseline census survey takes approximately 25-40 minutes, dependent upon the types of services available to students in recovery on or near your institution. Certain programs and services, such as Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRP), have more extensive questions given the focus of the SAFE Project. You are encouraged to select all programs and services that are available for students in order to be provided with the appropriate set of survey questions.

What is the scope?
This survey seeks information about specific CRPs and also about broader recovery services on and around campus. As you go through the survey, some questions may feel familiar. Follow the headings and pay attention to whether you are being asked about a specific program or the broader campus. For example, you may be asked if your CRP provides counseling in addition to if counseling services are available at your institution through some other channel. 

What if my campus doesn't have a collegiate recovery program?
Your responses are just as valuable! As a census, knowing what universities offer, even if they don't have formalized collegiate recovery programs, is critical as we benchmark and also consider the full range of available options for recovery support on campuses. Additionally, you can use the census data to consider initiating recovery support programming on your campus.

Will I have access to the data collected through this project? 
Yes! Once responses have been collected, you will be provided with a link to login to the National Campuses Census Dashboard. The data analytics tool enables you to view and interact with aggregate responses and export information that may be helpful to your local capacity building and/or research efforts. If you have given permission to share institution-specific responses (you will be asked this after completing the survey), the dashboard will enable you to select specific institutional responses for further comparative analysis and reporting.

What if I have completed The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) Collegiate Recovery Program Survey?
The SAFE Campuses Census Project is complementary to the ARHE membership survey. Both organizations work to gather and share data, as permissions allow, for the benefit of those serving and participating in recovery support services.

How do I get started?
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Identifying personal information such as name and email are not required for census survey completion. You will be invited to share this information at the end of the survey if you would like access to dashboard reporting. *This question is required.