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Complex Services Procurement using Technology – Spend Matters and SIG Survey

Services make up a very large percentage of spend on non-payroll spend on external inputs, in some industries as much as 90%. But the effective management of services spend by procurement organizations has lagged behind that of spend on goods and materials, both in terms of process and technology.

The purpose of this survey of procurement practitioners and stakeholders is to understand more about how organizations (1) source and manage "services" and (2) how they use technology to do so.

For this survey, services encompasses a broad range of spend categories (including, but not limited to, consulting, facilities management, legal, contingent workers, marketing and so on).

Respondents should be able to complete this survey in 20 minutes.

Respondents participating in this survey can benefit in a number of ways:
  • Taking the survey will prompt respondents to think about how services are sourced and managed in their organizations.
  • The survey results will be provided to respondents who complete the survey. This will allow respondents to gauge where they stand with respect to other organizations and may also stimulate new thinking and ideas.  
Only responses by 'procurement practitioners' from buy-side organizations will be considered valid. Vendors (including MSPs, analysts, and consultants) are not invited to take the survey (and their responses will not be accepted/counted).

The first 100 valid respondents can also choose one (1) reward:
  • A $5 Starbucks gift card
  • The Spend Matters PRO piece by Andrew Karpie, titled "It's Complicated: Complex Services – What's Procurement to Do?"
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