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WOW Propel Program Application

To apply to take a seat in the WOW Propel Program, please complete the application below. This is a long-term commitment for a select, small mastermind group which includes individual private mentorship.


  • Must be seeking capital
  • Must be the ultimate decision maker for the business
  • Be in full operation for three or more years (exceptions can be made if applicant can show applicable business experience)
  • Annual sales and assets valued at less than $500,000 per year
  • Agree to provide standard financial documents including balance sheet, income statement, and cash budget and/or business tax returns
  • Provide two business references that have known you in your current business capacity
  • Articulate clear, measurable goals with the assistance of a mentor
  • Have a passion to grow the business
  • Be willing to receive coaching from others
  • Attend virtual or phone meetings with mentor, and attend Zoom virtual mastermind group meetings


  • Access to capital sources.  All participants will develop a complete, bank-ready business plan.
  • Access to business experts.  All participants will be assigned to a Mentor from our KOSBE Advisory Council, made up of experts who have a vast amount of experience both wide and deep in creating an attractive business concept; establishing a strong organization; maintaining profitable operations; and building lasting customer relations.
  • Access to peers. Learning from each other is a natural way of picking up new knowledge and skills.


This program is funded through a grant from SunTrust now Truist, which covers the total cost of the program. 

The information provided in this application will be considered strictly confidential and will only be used by KOSBE to determine eligibility for the Propel Program. 

This is a self-paced program; applications are accepted year round.

1. General Information
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4. Number of employees (W-2)
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6. Revenue history *This question is required.
7. Certifications (Mark all that apply)
10. Are you the ultimate decision maker? *This question is required.
11. What is your business structure? *This question is required.
12. Does your company have a board of directors? *This question is required.
20. Acknowledgement & Verification
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