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Moats Award

Thank you for nominating your LETRS® Champion school or district for the Dr. Louisa Moats Award for Excellence Implementing the Science of Reading. Once you have completed this nomination and submitted it, you will receive a confirmation receipt email. APPLICATION FORM DEADLINE: March 22, 2021.

To fill out this application, entrants will need to prepare one (1) Microsoft Word document for the written essay or a 2-5 minute long video file and upload them as an attachment along with this form. View eligibility requirements and questions here. View eligibility requirements and questions here.
5. What LETRS solution(s) do you use *This question is required.
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Please write an essay or submit a video that describes and documents your school or district’s LETRS Champion success story. Be mindful to include and address the following four (4) points in your written or video response:

Submit a Video or Written Response.
Written: 1000-word maximum.
Video: 2 to 5-minute maximum.

1. Implements the Science of Reading: Applicant understands the value of evidence-based reading research and promotes the Science of Reading across (school or district) with LETRS literacy professional learning.

Describe how your district or school implemented LETRS literacy professional learning and why it was successful for your educators, literacy coaches or teaching staff, and students.

2. Converts Research to Practice: Evidence-based instruction is evident and essential to every instructional decision made by the applicant using LETRS. Student results show improvement and growth in literacy with measurable reading gains for your district or school.

Describe how core and intervention selection, use of assessments to analyze student data, and the best practices for core instruction and differentiation were scaled and achieved by your school or district. What results can you share, such as student data in a before-LETRS and after-LETRS format? Provide any kind of quantitative data to illustrate how improvements were measured.

3. Enhances Teacher Effectiveness (Confidence/Knowledge/Application): Applicant can demonstrate a common understanding of the research (the why) and a focus on refining the application (the how) of LETRS evidence-based instructional strategies, assessments, and data analysis necessary to support all students and provide an avenue for reading proficiency.

Describe how LETRS transformed your literacy teaching strategies and instruction. Can you provide examples of how you witnessed students learn to read more effectively and successfully? Detail your qualitative teacher/educator feedback. (i.e.: Where did you start and where are you now as an educator with LETRS?)

4. Transforms Literacy Instruction: Applicant demonstrates consistent application of the elements and principles of Structured Literacy/Science of Reading in LETRS as a standard for effective reading instruction. The development of a common language and a common pedagogy that represents the school’s or district’s approach for reading instruction.

Describe how many educators were involved with your LETRS implementation and how LETRS has transformed literacy instruction at your school or district.

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VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Not open to the general public. Award entry period begins Oct. 27, 2020 and ends February 15, 2021. Open to schools and districts in the U.S. using evidence-based LETRS literacy professional learning solutions for elementary grade students or LETRS for Early Childhood Educators for preK-K. Entrant must be a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C., 18 or older, and currently employed by the nominated school or district. Prizes will be awarded to school or district. To enter and for Official Rules, including odds of winning and prize details, click here or visit Sponsor: Voyager Sopris Learning, 17855 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75287.