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COAMFTE 2021 Annual Report


*Staff recommends using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser for filling out this report.

Before you begin, please be sure to download and read the instructions of the Annual Report Guide.

This is the COAMFTE Annual Report. Programs should submit this completed form on or before the program's noted Annual Report deadline.  All accredited programs must demonstrate continued compliance with the COAMFTE Student Achievement Criteria through the submission of an Annual Report.

Please note that institutions with multiple accredited degree programs (e.g. masters and doctoral program) will need to complete a separate Annual Report form for each program.

Only programs that advertise full-time and part-time tracks to their prospective students are required to report on separate tracks in the Annual Report form. Programs that have students that move between full-time and part-time tracks can report on a single track.

Optional questions have been marked as optional, ALL other questions are required and must be completed according to form instructions before submission.

You will be able to start your form and complete it at another time by utilizing the "save and continue" feature located at the top of each page starting with the second page. A copy of your submission will be sent to you after completion for your records.