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SROA 2020 Annual Meeting CE Credits

Continuing Education Credits Request Form

Use this page to request ASRT, MDCB, and AAPC credits for the sessions you attended at the SROA 2020 Annual Meeting. If you do not require CE credits DO NOT fill out this form. AAPC and ASRT credits will uploaded to participants' SROA accounts within four weeks of the end of the meeting. MDCB credits will be uploaded to MDCB directly within four weeks of the end of the meeting. 
1. Did you attend the 2020 SROA Virtual Annual Meeting? *This question is required.
2. Contact Information
3. Do you require MDCB credits? *This question is required.
Please fill out the following information in order for us to submit MDCB credits on your behalf for the 2020 SROA Annual Meeting *This question is required.
4. Do you require AAPC credits? *This question is required.
5. Do you require ASRT credits? *This question is required.