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COVID-19 Relief Scholarship (Exec Retreat Unlock): Recipient Submission

Personal Contact Information

Welcome! This iteration of COVID-19 Relief Scholarship support is unlocked based on completion, and approval, of the exec retreat you submitted. IF YOU HAVEN’T YET SUBMITTED YOUR EXEC RETREAT MATERIALS TO UNLOCK THESE FUNDS, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DO THAT FIRST! Once approved by a member of Beta’s Administrative Office staff, you will be directed to this survey to submit recipient(s) for funds totaling $1,000. Similar to earlier rounds, a recipient must be awarded a minimum of $250.

The recipient(s) will be processed and the checks will be made payable to the student and the university for tuition-related expenses. Like many scholarships, the check is to be submitted to the university's financial aid office or the university accounting services against the student's account.
This question requires a valid email address.