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Transfort Service Changes Questionnaire - January 2021

1. How often do you use Transfort bus service?
2. How satisfied are you with the existing Transfort routes?

Route 33 (Foothills Shuttle) – Realign to stay on the CSU Foothills Campus. Increase frequency from 60 minutes to 10-20 minutes. Connections with West Elizabeth routes at Overland. This route and proposed changes are fully funded by an intergovernmental agreement with CSU. 

FLEX –  Additional trips to/from Boulder. Weekdays = 1 additional mid-day, Saturdays = 2 new AM/PM trips. There are currently no Boulder trips on weekends. These proposed changes are fully funded through a grant. 

HORN –  Adjust southbound times by 2 minutes to improve on-time performance and reliability. 
3. How satisfied are you with the proposed Transfort route changes?
4. How will the proposed changes impact your use of transit? Will you:
5. Please indicate the service improvements you find to be the most important. (Check up to 3)
6. How satisfied were you with the quality and amount of information provided online and/or during the October 22 virtual Public Meeting?