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In Rotorua Library October 2020 Online


Ngā mihi ki a koutou i runga i ngā atuatanga huhua o te wā. 
A heartfelt acknowledgement to you all in all the varying circumstances you are experiencing at this time. 

Thank you for taking part in In Rotorua Library Wave 2 2020.

We need a better understanding about what people do in the library. We also constantly find that people don't know enough about the activities and services we offer. So by taking part in this, you are helping us to understand what people are doing in the library, and also, what people might do if they knew more about it. 

We want you to think and respond about the last time you interacted with Rotorua Public Library. That could be when you last visited in person, or online. 
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
This question requires a valid number format.
This question requires a valid number format.
4. What did you do at the library?Please tick everything you have done in your last visit
What were the children you bought doing in the library?
5. How did you travel to the library?
Select all the forms of transport you used to get to the library Please select from the following images.
6. Do you have a Rotorua Library card?
7. Do you follow Rotorua Library on any social media?
8. The library has several email newsletters available. Are you interested in receiving any of these?
9. Are you interested in reading eBooks, eMagazines or eNewspapers? 
10. Are you interested in listening to eAudio books?
11. Do you have any of our Smartphone Apps on your phone or tablet? (please tick)
  Please select from the following images.
How are you finding the Library's apps?
12. These are some services and activities available at Rotorua Library Te Aka Mauri. Would you like to know more about any of these?
13. Here are some services the library is thinking about making available. Which ones would you and your whānau be most interested in? 
Thank you for that information. Now there are some demographic questions. They are completely confidential and help to measure and therefore ensure that our library is used by everyone in the community who wants and needs it.
14. Where do you usually live?
15. Please tell us your age group.
16. Which gender do you identify with?
If you bought children on your last visit:
What are the ages of the children you bought with you?
17. Which ethnic group or groups do you belong to?
18. We would like to follow up any issues or questions you raised here and send you information that you have indicated is of interest to you.

Please enter an email address we can contact you at, and a name you want us to use in communications.
19. How likely are you to recommend Rotorua Library to friends and whānau?
Extremely unlikelyExtremely likely