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2020 President's Cup Submission Form

Introduction and Overview

The form covers all activities completed from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. The 2020 Chapter Officers are responsible for completing and submitting the information. 

Chapters that complete both the Annual Activity Report and the President's Cup Submission will be recognized as a Chapter of Excellence and acknowledged at the 2021 CCIM Mid-Year Meetings. This workbook should be used as a roadmap for what your chapter needs to accomplish to ensure the highest level of benefits are received by your members. 

  1. Membership
  2. Designation Promotion
  3. Candidate Guidance/ Education
  4. Events/Programs
  5. Chapter Planning

All documents should be uploaded with this form. Note that the maximum upload size for each document is 50MB. You may need to break up your documents into multiple uploads.   

The information will be reviewed by the Institute staff and the Chapter Activities Subcommittee. The Chapter Activities Subcommittee will be responsible for evaluating and verifying the winners. 

Each chapter is responsible for selecting and indicating which tasks they have accomplished throughout the year. Please make a true assessment of your chapter's accomplishments. Make sure to use the form as a tool to guide your chapter in evaluating the year and the chapter's accomplishments. When a task has been accomplished, select "Yes" and if the task has not been accomplished then select "No". Feel free to provide commentary you deem useful to the review team if selecting "No" as your response. For those chapters that have Districts, a completed activity for the District is a completed activity for the Chapter overall. 

Please provide additional details in the comment section of each question where necessary. The goal is to keep comments and information concise but informative for an efficient review process. 

Please provide a breakdown of your chapters revenue: x% Membership Dues, x% Sponsorship, x% Special Events, and x% Core Courses/Education.