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Show Your Schoolwork NYC Intake Form

It's Time to Show Your Schoolwork, NYC!

As blended and remote learning continues across New York City throughout the 2020–21 school year, our public school students are completing assignments at home and inspiring us with work that is worthy of any school bulletin board.

In celebration of our students' efforts this year, we're inviting City public school students, parents, and teachers to use the submission form below to share their examples of great student work completed during the 2020–21 school year.

So whether it's that homemade volcano assignment you made (or helped to make) for earth science class, that report you wowed your teacher with in English class, or even your second grader's watercolor reinterpretation of Basquiat's "Horn Players," we want to see what you're working on at home!

Use this entry form to provide us with basic information about yourself and the work you would like us to consider showcasing online. All submissions must include at least three photos or one video featuring the student work you wish to be highlighted. We are also interested in photos of students, teachers, family members, or anyone else who had a hand in completing the student work being showcased.

We will review all submissions as they are entered; if we decide to highlight your work, we will follow up with you by using the contact information provided in the form below.

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