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20-21 Virtual Statewide Affinity Network

20-21 Virtual Statewide InSPIRED Affinity Network

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will launch a virtual Statewide Affinity Network in collaboration with the InSPIRED initiative and Fellowship. This Affinity Network is open to any and all educators of color (e.g., aspiring educators, paraprofessionals, current teachers, school counselors, and school administrators).

The InSPIRED Initiative connects current educators to DESE in order to help cultivate, support and retain a culturally responsive and diverse educator workforce in MA schools.

The year-long Statewide InSPIRED Affinity Network aims to create a safe space for educators of color to network and engage in dialogue about their authentic experiences, and explore professional development opportunities and/or action that makes for a more equitable experience in their schools. The group also aims to do the following:
  • Foster an environment that is warm, supportive and respectful
  • Create ongoing opportunities to build relationships with other education professionals through networking
  • Foster community and provide supports regarding problems of practice (e.g., cultivating antiracist environments and instructional practices in MA schools)
Please complete the registration below to indicate your interest in participating in the Statewide InSPIRED Affinity Network no later than Monday, November 23rd.

Any information shared with the Affinity Network will be used to support the affinity network and the growth/development of its members. Affinity network participation will not be shared with districts (although affinity network members are able to self-identify within their districts, if desired).
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15. If you know of other educators of color you'd like to share this opportunity with, please share their information below so we can reach out to them.

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