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NACM 2020 UW-Parkside

Welcome/Intro Page

Hello UW-Parkside Alum!

We are thrilled that you are participating in the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey! Your responses, along with those from university graduates from around the nation, will provide us with data that can positively impact college student career preparation for generations to come.

If you need to exit the survey prior to completion, you may do so at any time. All responses that you have provided to that point are securely stored, and you can resume the survey at your convenience by using the same link in the email you received from us. When you resume, we recommend using the same device on which you started so you can pick up where you left off.

Please use the green Back or Next arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen, not your browser´s Back or Forward buttons, to move through the survey.

Thank you for your feedback and for playing a critical role in the Parkside learning community.

Go Rangers!

Debbie Ford

Photo of Debbie Ford, Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin Parkside