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Sexual Initiation Scale Short

Fill out this short survey and receive your Sexual Initiation Style immediately!

This survey is anonymous and confidential (see our privacy statement) and should take approximately 8-12 minutes to complete. The questionnaire has approximately 20 questions that cover your sexual initiation preferences and interests.  Feel free to check it out, knowing that at any point you can discontinue without consequence. If you have any questions about it or comments about it please contact Dr. Zebroff at

You must be 18 to participate. By completing the survey you are agreeing to participate in furthering our understanding of human sexuality.

* This test works best on a desktop, laptop or tablet.
1. I define as:
2. My sexual orientation is:
3. The type of genitals I own is: *This question is required.
5. My relationship status is: *This question is required.
I have been in my relationship for:
I would rate the general satisfaction of my relationship as:
6. Overall, how satisfactory or unsatisfactory is your present sex life?
Overall, how satisfactory or unsatisfactory do you think your lover would rate your present sex life?
Who initiates sex in your relationship?Sexual initiation is the stage of sex when one person feels like having sex and let's their person know in some what that they are interested in having sex. 
7. Think back to the last time you initiated sex with a lover. How did your lover respond to your advances?
(Describe any thoughts, feelings or sensations you had at that time)
Please rate how frequently you tend to react when you want to have sex but your partner lets you know that they do not?
Space Cell Almost never or neverRarelySometimesOftenVery frequently
I express anger at my partner.
I attempt to change my partner's mind (e.g. try to tempt or seduce them).
I am offended/hurt.
I am understanding and accepting.
I take it as an indication that my partner doesn't find me attractive.
I try not to express negative emotions.
I act cold towards my partner.
I ask if there is anything I can do to get my partner in the mood.
9. Think back to the last time your partner initiated sex with you. How did you respond to their advances?
(Describe any thoughts, feelings or sensations you had at that time)
The way(s) my partner currently initiates sex is:
11. I am most likely to "let go" and be my true sexual self with a partner when: Order the items from the following list. First select an item with the spacebar to show a menu of possible ranking positions. Next, click a ranking position to order it in the ranked list. Note the menu will display more ordering options as you add items to the ranked list.
12. How would you prefer a lover approach you for sex? I get most turned-on if my lover: *This question is required.Think about how you start getting aroused --- transitioning from your day-to-day reality toward your erotic-reality. How would you like your partner to approach you. If you do not have a partner, imagine the best scenario for you.
Space Cell Not sexyA little sexySomewhat sexyVery sexyExtremely sexy
'Takes charge' of the situation
Pushes me against a wall or bed
Rubs or presses themselves against me (without saying anything)
Gives me deep (tongue), passionate kisses
Caresses all parts of my body (including non-sexual parts)
Is rough or forceful (in play)
Kisses or caresses my neck
Is urgent or passionate
Spends quality time or connects intimately throughout the day
Arranges a romantic dinner/event
Describes a particular new sex act we will imagine/do together
Sends me or shows me sexy pics
Makes me laugh or laughs easily
Offers themself to me, encouraging me to "take charge"
Acts genuinely interested in what I have to say
Takes a provocative pose or shows more skin
Does something genuinely caring or thoughtful
Clears time and space to enjoy each other
Engages in an emotional or romantic conversation
Act submissive or respond to my commands (in play)
Teases me with seductive language or gestures
Demands that they have me...immediately
Undresses me
Wakes me up with kisses or sexual touch
Invites me or leads me into the bedroom
Touches my back or buttocks
I would like to be the one to initiate sex
14. How often have you talked to your partner about how you prefer to get turned on or want to be approached for sex? 
What stops you from discussing what turns you on or how you would like your partner approach you for sex? 
Space Cell NeverRarelyMost of the timeAll of the time
I would worry my partner would become upset or judgmental.
I would worry my partner would become uncomfortable.
I would worry my partner would not listen or not be interested.
I would worry my partner would not act on it. It would be pointless.
15. The things that turn me on the most to get sex started with my current lover are:
16. The things that turn me on to get sex started with previous lover(s) are:
17. The things that turn me on to get sex started  in isolation (during COVID-19) are:
How has the frequency of sexual initiation changed in the time of social isolation (COVID-19): (initiated by either of you or your lover)
(compared with non-social isolation times)