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Deer Management Focus Area Registration

1. Agreement to Conditions

Please review the Deer Management Focus Area (DMFA) program rules and Permit Conditions.  All DMFA registered hunters, regardless of success or amount of hunting activity, are required to maintain a DMFA Hunting Activity Log and Harvest Report Form and must submit the log and report form to NYSDEC by February 6, 2023.   

NOTE: At the conclusion of your registration process you will be given a DMFA Registration #.  Write this number down; you will need it to hunt in the DMFA.

I have read the DMFA Permit conditions, understand the program rules, and accept the requirements (check box): *This question is required.
Reviewing the DMFA Permit conditions, understanding the program rules, and accepting the record keeping and reporting requirements are necessary for registration. 

Please see to review the DMFA Permit conditions and program rules.