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NTN Michigan | Planning Grant 2020/2021

Welcome • NTN Phase I Planning Grant Application

We are experiencing an extraordinary moment in education: COVID-19 demanded technology play a new, central role, and our workforce gaps surfaced the need for talent with a diverse skill set. New Tech Network (NTN), through our school transformation model, is uniquely positioned to support your district and schools in not only surviving but thriving in this rapidly changing world. 

New Tech Network also recognizes the uncertainty of school funding in the next fiscal year. To mitigate this uncertainty, NTN is announcing the availability of Planning Grants for Michigan schools. The purpose of each Planning Grant is to advance applicant capacity to improve student achievement and attainment by implementing the New Tech Network school model and innovative practices. New Tech Network’s comprehensive approach to school-based innovation through project-based learning and work-based education has a proven track record.

The New Tech Network Planning Grant provides K-12 schools or charters with:

  • Participation in New Tech Network’s School Design Academy for school teams

  • NTN Model Overview workshop for school and district teams

  • Full access to NTN School Design Studio self-paced courses

  • NTN planning resources

Don't wait to apply!