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Employer Survey: Supervising Employees Who Are Deaf-Blind

Information About the Employer Survey on Supervising Employees Who Are Deaf-Blind

Securing and retaining meaningful employment is a critical issue for people who are deaf-blind. In recent years, HKNC has expanded its commitment to providing employment-focused rehabilitation and placement services for deaf-blind people, as well as training and information for employers about how to best support their deaf-blind employees. As part of this commitment, we have developed a survey for supervisors of deaf-blind employees that we hope will help improve our employment services. The survey is anonymous. Neither employers, employees nor workplaces are identified. While respondents are asked to consider their experiences with a specific deaf-blind employee, as well as to provide information about demographics and accommodations, responses will be used to create a composite of the deaf-blind employee population as a whole. Individual responses will be compiled into one large dataset that looks at common training and support needs. Anyone with questions about the survey can contact Megan Conway, HKNC Research Specialist, at

The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into employer perspectives about supporting deaf-blind employees. For the purposes of this survey, a “deaf-blind” person is defined as someone with combined significant hearing and vision loss. If you have supervised more than one deaf-blind employee, please tailor your responses to an employee who you have most recently supervised and/or with whom you are the most familiar.
Specifically, we are interested in the types and effectiveness of accommodations and supports that employees use, and the preparation and support that supervisor's receive. Results from the survey will be used to improve training and support for deaf-blind people and their employers.
1. Have you supervised at least one employee who is deaf-blind (person who has combined significant vision and hearing loss) sometime in the past two years? *This question is required.
If you answered “no” please do not complete this survey. If there is someone else at your place of business who can answer “yes” please pass along this survey to them.