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20200820 Diary Study


Thank you for your interest in our COVID-19 project! The purpose of this study is to understand how COVID has affected everyone's overall health and well-being. This is an online study where first, you will be asked to complete this short questionnaire as well as a second one to determine if you qualify. Having an active Facebook account along with willingness to share some of your social media profile data is a requirement for this study. 

You will need to "share" your Facebook information, but please be assured we're only using it as a verification method and nothing more. Everything you submit will be kept strictly confidential between you and the research team and your name and personal information will not be attached to your responses.

Please find the below steps to qualify. 

Once you complete the screener, the following Wednesday, you'll be asked to fill out a full questionnaire. This will take 10-15 minutes. 

The following Thursday, you'll begin the 30-day diary study. You'll receive daily survey links to participate each day. These will only take 2-5 minutes each day. 

You'll receive up to $55 for you full cooperation. This amount will be impacted if all 30-days aren't completed. 

In addition, there will be a follow-up 3 and 6 month check in. These follow ups will earn you a minimum of $10 per survey.

We're also looking for respondents to agree to download an application to their smartphones. Consistent with the above, all information will be kept strictly confidential, with none of your personal information ever noted as being attached to this research.

NOTE: This questionnaire is short, so please take your time to read all questions carefully. You won't be able to go back and change answers once submitted. 

Please direct any and all questions, specific to this project, in an email to adding the topic of your question to the subject line. 

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