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National Preceptor of the Year

National Preceptor of the Year

The National Preceptor of the Year award recognizes a pharmacist who has made a significant contribution to the education of pharmacy students as a preceptor in a community practice setting. Candidates for this award must be an owner, manager, or staff pharmacist of an independent pharmacy. Preceptors may be self-nominated or nominated by community pharmacists, deans, department heads, NCPA pharmacy student members, school of pharmacy faculty, and state/local pharmacy associations. To be eligible for this award, a preceptor must not have received the award within the last five years.

Be prepared to attach a nomination letter explaining why you are nominating this individual based on the award criteria. Press clippings, photos, etc. may be submitted with the application as supporting evidence. If you would like to submit this information separately please send to

Much of the applicant’s success as a nominee will be based on the description of how he/she meets the following criteria.
1. Preceptor of the Year demonstrates high standards of professionalism. This may be demonstrated through:
    a. pharmacy leadership, service, and involvement
    b. expression of genuine concern for patients  
    c. development of innovative or progressive practice
    d. service to the profession through school or association committees or offices
    e. service to the community through civic activities, fellowship, and religious or charitable affiliations
    f. employment of mutual respect, patience, and a constructive/positive attitude with students, fellow practitioners, and other health professionals
    g. consistent exhibition of professional ethics within the constraints of professional standards and the federal and state laws that govern the profession

2. Preceptor of the Year demonstrates commitment to students as a professional mentor and teacher. This may be demonstrated through:
   a. development of unique teaching techniques
   b. development of student-specific programs, projects or activities
   c. involvement of students in pharmacist-specific activities
   d. ongoing professional involvement with student after the rotation has ended
   e. provision of regular feedback, encouragement, and support
   f. ability to establish goals, expectations, and valuable learning activities for the experiential rotation

Nominations are due June 30. Please contact with questions.