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Siemens Software & Technology Application

Siemens Software and Technology Application

Software & Technology Partners receive partner program benefits, including marketing for and access to Siemens Digital Industries Software products. Products provided to partners are used to demonstrate, develop, test, and support the interface or interoperability between the partner’s products and Siemens Digital Industries Software’s products. If you have technology that integrates, complements, or enhances the Siemens Xcelerator Portfolio, then please complete this application.

Software and Technology Partners do not sell Siemens products. If you seek to sell our solutions, please complete the Solution Partner application.
  • Please start your application by completing all the fields to let us know more about your organization.
  • Please go into as much detail as possible but do NOT include any confidential information.
  • All applications need to be received in English.
There are five sections to this application:
  1. Company and Contact Information
  2. Product Selection
  3. About Your Products
  4. Integration
  5. Company and Product Questions