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Donations for COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment


The State of Washington is seeking to fill shortages of specific infection-control products and other healthcare supplies. If you would like to donate bulk amounts of any of these products in stock, please complete this form.

Criteria for acceptable donations & shipping

We need and greatly value contributions of supplies to serve our communities and support the health care delivery system to local jurisdictions that distribute to health care providers and other organizations in need of PPE. Our priority is to get the right items to the right places as quickly as possible. We appreciate the efforts of donors to help in this regard.

Product requirements

To ensure adequate precautions, donated products must be:
  • In original packaging, untampered and undamaged
  • Within their shelf life (not expired)
  • FDA-approved
Donations of supplies that are not compatible with existing equipment such as specialty lab devices, advanced respiratory equipment or other specialized items, and which require the acquisition of new devices or technology to work, are in some instances not helpful. The time and expense associated with specialty supplies for specific devices or technologies that are not compatible can actually divert from needed efforts.


Please do all you can to ship donated items to our designated location:
  • Ensure your crating is secure to prevent damage during transportation.
  • For larger (heavier) shipments, provide a shipping pallet to facilitate ease of unloading.
  • Include a folded bill of lading (identifying the product descriptions and the quantities of each product) in the shipping paperwork.
If your donation meets requirements and is accepted, we will provide you with the shipping address.

Shipments from Overseas

We appreciate the interest of organizations and individuals outside of the United States to make donations of needed medical supplies to the State of Washington. It is important that any donated items meet FDA or equivalent standards. We do not want to risk exposing critical healthcare workers and patients to disease because of supplies that are not safe.

The physical shipment of supplies from overseas can sometimes take weeks while the needs are immediate. For this reason, it may be more impactful to make a financial donation to the provider organization so that they can access existing suppliers to obtain items in an expedited fashion.