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Grade 3 New Student Assessment

For the Parent, Guardian, or Family Member

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Family Members,

     This assessment is for your new student at Jack & Jill School/Castleson High.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED BY THE NEW STUDENT WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE FROM ANYONE.  We are in an honor system and trust that you will allow the new student to perform this assessment on her/his own accord just as she/he would when doing classwork.  Make sure the laptop or computer works and that the new student is going to have a quiet time as she/he completes this assessment.  

She/he needs to complete the assessment in one sitting without interruption or assistance.  There are 31 items total which could take between 30-45 minutes although there is no time limit.  Answer the questions carefully.  All questions require an answer.  You cannot go back to previous pages to correct your answers.  Provide a scratch paper and pencil for the student to use for Math calculations.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to welcoming you all!

The administration and teachers at Jack & Jill School/Castleson High
1. Parents, please complete this section and then give the device to your child.  Thank you! *This question is required.