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OESIS Pathways 2022-23 Single Registrations

Registration Page

OESIS Pathways are offered to OESIS members only. If you would like to join, click here

This form is for those members who are doing single registrations for a Network Leader-led Pathway. Each pathway takes 8-10 hours of work minimum, has submissions that are evaluated by a Network Leader, includes participation in discussions, should generally be completed within 30 days from enrollment, and comes with a Teacher portfolio that harbors the OESIS verified badge on completion. The member cost is $100 per person for Introductory Level Pathways and $150 per person for Levels 1-3. For more information on OESIS Faculty PD Pathways, click here

You do not need to register if you wish to utilize your school's OESIS-XP Pathway curricula independently without a cohort or feedback from an OESIS Network Leader.
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