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The HEART Tool


Answer each of the following questions as they pertain to your home. It's best to go in order. There are handy guides in each section to help you.

Let's be honest; homes are constantly changing. Whether they're undergoing construction, in the middle of spring cleaning, or just really messy for a weekend because you're busy, it's hard to say "this is how my home always is." The extenuating circumstances help with this.

Let's say you find severe mold in your bathroom, but someone is coming next week to remove it. No worries, mark that your home has severe moisture problems, but also check the box that says there's an extenuating circumstance. Keep in mind that it's best to use the extenuating circumstance button only if the problem is actively being fixed. Just being aware of an issue and wanting to change it doesn't give it an extenuating circumstance.

At the end of the survey, your home will get a grade based on how healthy it is. 

Got it? (Answer in order, use extenuating circumstances if the problem's being fixed, get a grade)